Board of Directors


November 2017-Current Eric Vrem
October 2010-October 2017 Bill Hayden  
November 2008-October 2010 Charlie Huber  
June 2004-November 2008 Bill Waugh*  
November 2003-June 2004 Jim Rockenbach  
August 2003-November 2003 Frank Jenkins*  
October 2002-July 2003 Scott Fetterolf*  


Vice President: 

November 2014-Current Corey McCabe
October 2010-November 2014 Mike Hanks  
May 2007-October 2010 Jason Williams  
November 2004-October 2006 Kevin Gill  
November 2003-June 2004 Bill Waugh*  
August 2003-September 2003 Jim Rockenbach  
October 2002-April 2003 Kevin Smith*  



October 2015-Current Bethany Gibson
October 2012-October 2015 Gina Long  
October 2010-October 2012 Cheryl Windsor  
November 2006-October 2010 Jane Pilkerton  
October 2002-October 2006 Tonia Tayman*  



October 2010-Current Susan Schwab
February 2010-October 2010 John Salan  
November 2008-February 2010 Lance McDaniel  
October 2002-October 2006 Tonia Tayman*  


Player Agent:

March 2018-Current Trudi Blount
November 2014-February 2018 Gina Long  
October 2012-October 2014 Russ Larson  
November 2008-October 2012 Ron Rivera  
June 2007-November 2008 Alan Phillips  
December 2003-May 2007 Stacey Fowler  
October 2002-November 2003 Angie Fetterolf*  


Sponsorship Director:

October 2012-Current Cheryl Windsor
November 2008-October 2012 Russ Larson  
October 2002-November 2008 Frank Jenkins*  


Equipment Manager:

October 2016-Current Kevin McClure
November 2014-October 2016 Bobby Presley  
November 2010-October 2014 JD Kirby  
November 2008-October 2010 Jeff Caron  
November 2006-November 2008 Jim Guare*  
November 2004-October 2006 Dennis Edgar  
July 2003-November 2004 David Logan*  
October 2002-July 2003 Mark Dilda*  



October 2016-Current Sarah MacMillan



November 2014-Current Adam Beal
November 2008-October 2012 Melvin Simon  
June 2005-November 2008 Nelson Bugtai  
October 2002-June 2005 Keith Smith*  


T-Ball Commissioner: 

October 2016-Current Keith Wood
November 2015-October 2016 Eric Vrem  
January 2011-October 2014 Bobby Shanholtzer  
November 2008-January 2011 Melissa Miller  
February 2007-November 2008 Tom Farrell  
April 2005-October 2006 Doug Gill  
October 2002-November 2004 Jim Guare*  


Rookie Commissioner: 

  Tom Fawcett
April 2017- Present  Corey McCabe  
October 2016-April 2017 Rob Generette  
November 2014-October 2016 Dan Donnick  
November 2010-October 2014 Corey McCabe  
November 2008-October 2010 Bill Hayden  
July 2007-November 2008 Lance McDaniel  
November 2006-June 2007 Dave Harris  
November 2004-October 2006 Jim Guare*  
December 2003-November 2004 Kevin Gill  
October 2002-December 2003 Jim Guare*  


10U Baseball Commissioner: 

October 2016-Current Dan Donnick
November 2014-October 2016 Kevin McClure  
November 2008-October 2014 Bill Scott  
November 2006-November 2008 Mike Hanks  
May 2006-October 2006 Kevin Gill  
August 2003-April 2006 Brian Mapes  
April 2003-August 2003 James Jones -
October 2002-April 2003 Jim Guare*  


12U Baseball Commissioner:

October 2016-Current Matt Cooke
November 2014-October 2016 Jeff Leonard  
October 2012-October 2014 Bill Scott  
October 2010-October 2012 Clarence Hutchinson  
November 2008-October 2010 Mike Hanks  
October 2007-November 2008 Stacey Fowler  
November 2006-August 2007 Charles Grabis  
November 2004-October 2006 Barry Barefoot  
April 2003-June 2004 James Jones  
October 2002-April 2003 Jim Guare*  


Babe Ruth Baseball Commissioner:

October 2016-Current Clayton Burgess
September 2015-October 2016 Gina Long  
November 2014-September 2015 Rob DeLawder  
November 2010-November 2014 Pat Malherek  
June 2010-October 2010 Tom Kelly  
November 2008-June 2010 Chris Strissel  
December 2003-November 2008 Charlie Huber  
August 2003-December 2003 Scott Fetterolf*  
April 2003-August 2003 Jim Rockenbach  
October 2002-March 2003 Wendell Sherman*  


Softball T-Ball/8U Commissioner:

November 2017-Current Andrew Schofield
October 2012-October 2017 Eric Klinger  
October 2010-October 2012 Pat McDonald  
September 2007-October 2010 Raphael Corrado  
November 2006-August 2008 Bob Opiekun  
December 2003-November 2006 Bobby Welch  
October 2002-December 2003 Bill Waugh*  


Softball 10U/12U Commissioner:

November 2017-Current Jon Legge


Softball 18U Commissioner:

November 2017-Current Gina Long


Bambino Buddy Ball Commissioner:

July 2016-Current Pat Malherek
October 2010-July 206 Charlie Huber  



November 2017-Current Ashleigh Schofield Sponsorship/Marketing Trustee
November 2017-Current Jason Immler 10U/12U Softball Trustee
November 2017-Current Tom Yanick Softball T-Ball/8U Trustee
November 2017-Current Chris Cusic Equipment Trustee


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